Which One Is More Flattering?! Horizontal or Vertical Stripes??

Posted on April 18 2018

Each and every year, trends come and go.  One that seems to consistently be popular is stripes and everyone seems to have a different opinion on whether or not horizontal stripes are flatting and if horizontal stripes or vertical stripes make you look skinnier.  So we did some research!

According to scientists, horizontal stripes can make you look thinner.  This is because they seem to fill space more than vertical stripes do.  BUT on the contrary, vertical stripes can elongate your figure and make you look taller. This is because vertical stripes actually play a trick on our eyes, making someone in vertical stripes look taller and thinner. 

One rule of thumb to remember is that thinner stripes are harder to focus on than thick stripes.  Because of this, thinner stripes are more slimming than thick stripes.

When it comes to stripes, our recommendation is to know your body type.  Make sure that what you are wearing is a good FIT for you. Don't stray away from patterns just because you are worried about them making you look a certain way.  Wear what you love! Wear what makes you feel comfortable, but don't be afraid to get out of that comfort zone once in awhile because you are BEAUTIFUL and you deserve to have a little fun with your style!

Vertical Striped Tops

Our models are in love with the new vertical striped pieces that we have in the store for Spring. These pieces have mostly thin stripes which elongate and create a taller appearance.

horizontal stripes

Our lovely horizontal-striped pieces are a fave too! This pattern isn't going away, ladies.  Stripes are wonderful no matter how you style them.  If you ever have any pattern questions, don't hesitate to reach out! Shopping at Tyana's is like shopping with your girlfriends each and every time.  When you're in doubt, we'll help a sister out!


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