Do You Know Your Style?

Posted on June 14 2018

If you looked into your closet right now, would you find that your wardrobe has a theme or is it a mixture of different styles?

We know that while one woman may feel more comfortable sporting the same look everyday, another may wear outfits that are in the same color schemes every single day because that is what she feels most comfortable in.  A third type of woman gets up in the morning and chooses her outfit based on her mood that day or the occasion, and then there's the woman who has no rhyme or reason to her outfit choices.  Maybe she likes to experiment with different styles or maybe she hasn't decided what her look is.   

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, we think you're perfect!  Keep reading to see some of our styles of Summer.

Glitter Cap

The Casual Cool Chick

You'd rather chill in a pair of comfy denim and your favorite worn-out canvas shoes, but that doesn't mean you don't still enjoy some of the latest trends in graphic tees and trucker caps.

The Girl Boss

The Girl Boss

A vertical stripe and a pair of black pumps is your go-to.  On a big day at the office you'll wear your favorite pair of red high heels because you dress to impress.

The Beach Babe

The Beach Babe

All you care about is how an outfit will look over your swimsuit.  Your go-to look is super casual and convenient beach-wear.

Miss Sweet and Sassy

Miss Sweet and Sassy

Floral is your absolute fave. Shoulder cut-outs and criss cross necklines have taken over your closet and you're not sorry about it!

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