How to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

Posted on January 21 2018

The holidays are over, the weather is getting colder and lack of Vitamin D is starting to take a toll.  It’s easy to get into a rut in the middle of winter, especially when it comes to your wardrobe.  The rich colors that we love during the holidays no longer have the same appeal.  Why is that?? Did the grinch suddenly take over as soon as the Christmas tree returned back to the attic until next year?  

According to scientists, creating a brighter environment, exercise and planning a vacation have been proven to help beat the winter blues.  All of those things can lift your spirits, although at Tyana’s, we are strong believers in the healing powers of retail therapy!  There’s nothing better than marching through the mall with your best girlfriends, or spending hours online shopping the latest sale at your favorite store.  Keep reading for a few easy tricks to help you make your holiday outfits last through the winter.

Add a pastel scarf to an otherwise boring outfit.  

  The bright colors will lift your spirits and have you dreaming of Spring.

pink flannel scarf


Wear a bright cardigan over one of your dark basics.

  You won’t stop looking in the mirror with this eye-catching look!

bright colored Spring cardigans


Stock up on pastel-colored beanies.

  You’re going to be wearing these things for a long time yet. Don’t be afraid to change things up!

pink and charcoal beanie


Choose lighter, softer colors to layer.

  You can pair a bright summer tank top with a basic cardigan!

Spring floral tank tops and colorful cardigans

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