Why This is Going to Be Our Best Grand Opening Yet

Posted on March 13 2018

Get all the details on Tyana's grand opening in our Q/A with Amy:

Why is Tyana's Boutique moving again?
Well, there are a few reasons.  First, we needed more space to expand our clothing lines. We want to have room to carry all of the styles that our customers are asking for.  We also want independence. Tyana’s Boutique has become a team of strong independent women and we wanted to give ourselves the freedom to grow and to have creative control of our space.  Lastly, we want to carry girls clothes because we began to see a need there as well.


What is unique about this new store?
We are seriously so excited about this new store.  It is designed in a way that it will be more comfortable for our customers when they come in.  There is a separate kids area for moms. We saw how challenging it can be for mothers when they come in and we want to provide a little more comfort and relaxation to them while they are shopping.  In this store, we have the opportunity to create more of a boutique shopping experience. There is more natural lighting in this store- it’s just peaceful.


What do you provide to customers? What are you known for?
What I hear most from customers is that we create a great atmosphere. We work really hard to help our customers feeel welcome, a place where they can shop and create outfits that best express their own styles. We want the shopping experience to be a positive experience for our customers.  That’s really important to us. Some of our customers even know that they can bring in a pieces of an outfit from other retailers and we will help them find the final few pieces to tie it all together. Finding the right outfit can be tough! We’re here to help and we work really hard at that.


Why should people come to the grand opening?
We are planning a grand opening celebration that will show our loyal customers just how much they mean to us.  I mean, it’s because of them that we are able to open this beautiful store. Some of them have been our #1 fans from the very beginning and we just really appreciate that.  We hope the grand opening will be an event for our customers to socialize, see some of our new arrivals from Vegas, enter in our glamour makeover giveaway and enjoy some of the complimentary wine.  We’re also giving 20% off to the first 20 women in the store, which is always a lot of fun. Oh and for the ladies who want to take their kiddos along, we have clothes for the little girls now too!

Will you carry kids clothes all year round? What made you decide to carry kids clothes?
I’ve noticed customers asking for outfits for their young girls.  Moms are so busy and kids events come up quickly, it’s easy to forget to plan an outfit ahead of time for those programs, piano recitals, and school photos.  We have trendy and cute styles for little girls right here in town. Those little girls feel special when they get to shop with their moms, too. It’s something I did with my daughters and it has always been something that we enjoy together.

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